Northwest Eye Clinic

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Sight is a precious gift. Your vision is our priority. 


Northwest Eye Clinic in Bellingham, WA offers the complete range of services in opthalmology and optometry from routine eye exams to complex care including:

Northwest Eye Clinic's extensive services, along with our in-house opticians and onsite optical shop, allow patients the convenience of having all of their eye care needs met at one Bellingham ophthalmology facility. More importantly, it allows us to establish long-term relationships with entire families, resulting in a valuable familiarity with family members and their medical history. Northwest Eye Clinic's “one stop shop” also enables efficient communication among our ophthalmologists and optometrist when and if any eye issues occur with our patients. 

Northwest Eye Clinic was established in 1952 as the first ophthalmology clinic in Bellingham and was founded by Dr. Robert Kaiser. His son, Dr. Frederick Kaiser, is now a valuable part of our team comprised of two other ophthalmologists, Dr. Vincent Matteucci and Dr. Denise Dudley, and our optometrist, Dr. Franklin Crissy

We value every individual's role in our practice and believe that this is apparent to patients from the moment they arrive at our ophthalmology clinic. We invest in our employees by making sure that they receive the best training available, from our front office staff to our ophthalmic assistants and opticians.

At Northwest Eye Clinic, we want you to see to your best potential. We take a proactive approach, believing that preventive care and monitoring are the keys to ensuring this. Our investment in state of the art equipment that is unique to most eye care practices in the county, combined with our complementary talents and desire to excel in our region, sets us apart from other ophthalmology clinics. As physicians, parents, and proud residents of Bellingham, we are all very grateful to serve Whatcom County and consider the care we give our patients a contribution to our community.

*Northwest Eye Clinic is not affiliated with Whatcom Eye Surgeons or Northwest Eye Surgeons.


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